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pilyohae whispered : Answer this with 10 random facts about yourself then pass it on to your 10 favorite followers!^.^

1. I should be revising right now but I fail at concentrating

2. I’m constantly bored at the moment and have been planning cosplays for cons that I probably won’t even go to 

3. Following along the cosplay route, my last cosplay was Kuroko Tetsuya and it’s my favourite cosplay so far *probably because it’s the first one I’ve been able to afford to do properly so I actually got complimented on it and people wanted pictures*

4. My next cosplay will *hopefully* be Babymetal (I’ll most likely be YUI or MOA)

5. I’m living off vanilla milkshake at the moment

6. I get terrible nightmares, particularly after watching horror films (which is poo because I love horror films)

7. I’m going to South Korea in 89 days ^^

8. My favourite anime are currently Attack on Titan, Kuroko no Basket and Lovely Complex

9. My favourite artists are Super Junior and Bangtan

10. I’m currently watching Gokusen (with two of my future husbands Oguri Shun and MatsuJun)



do u ever wonder how many people’s dreams you have been in

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